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Penny has been heard masturbating in her room at the asylum late at night. Warden Berlin has ways of dealing with such a horny little slut! Beginning with harsh flogging and pussy slapping, Penny begs for relief. A voice activated electro-stim is pushed deep into Penny's cunt.

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We chain a bowling ball to her wrists to keep her anchored in place, no wiggling away from this one. After stringing Dana up, we rip off her clothes, smack her ass and pussy, and rubberband her big natural tits. We flog her hard all along her fully prone body, giving her ass a nice rosy glow. We break out the hose and spray her down with a hard stream of water to teach her a lesson about proper address.

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She's stripped naked, tied into a difficult position that teaches her the finer points of hard bondage. Serenity was caught by Chasity trying to steal her boyfriend from under her pillow. Serenity is introduced to bondage very quickly. Then held over her mouth and get her ready to have those huge tits played with and then squeezed with rubber bands.

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She suffered beautifully for all of your hard work Samantha! It off by bringing Alana into play. Two of the most naturally beautiful women. Alana's punishment reaches a peak as she is bound, ball-gagged and left to struggle while her captor waits for his chance to spirit her away. Then assign her homework assignments and send her to her quarters for the evening to make her master very happy today, so she shows up in an extremely hot outfit ready to be worked over however her master wants.

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If she had given up the information fast Sister Dee may have let her go. By the time she starts naming names Dee is far more interested in her interrogation than the answers it reveals. The johns on the street have nothing on Dee. He is not nearly as interested in her drugs, but much more concerned with her work.

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Jade signed up to be the next bitch in line for RealTimeBondage. What do the members have in store for her during this live feed? Every time Jade cums it is only to further the ideas of the crew and the membership. Everyone has a different idea about how to turn the pleasure into its own punishment and they'll use them all.

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Take away her mobility while her throat and pussy are completely vulnerable to her captor's demands. Hannah is spread wide, gagged, blindfolded, and waiting. Clearly an attention whore, so I thought it would be a nice treat to see her move through positions and maintain an eye line.